Emojis with a Purpose

Breastfeeding is hard. Breastfeeding-mommas need the support of family and friends while they nurse their tots from their tatas...or pump all the live long day.

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We believe that breastfeeding is normal, natural and a cause to be celebrated.

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Research indicates that lactating mommas with strong support networks are more likely to reach their breastfeeding goals.



Breastfeeding is filled with comical and completely unexpected moments.

About Us

Tit For Tot began when two friends - Sarah and Tessa - were texting about a pesky clogged milk duct. After nearly 48 anxious-hours and numerous failed attempts, the stubborn clog was finally cleared by one determined baby.  


As the friends relayed their relief (Sarah) and congratulations (Tessa), they realized that no emojis existed to help them communicate this very common breastfeeding issue. They wondered what other universal breastfeeding scenarios existed. So they started a list and a company was born!


Our Team

Meet the smart women behind our breastfeeding emojis

Creative Collaborators

Kyllea Kerg
Paola Mata
IOS Developer
Sam Krastas
Android Developer
Jeff Webb
Sarah Pagura avatar
Sarah Pagura

Award-winning content creator.  Momma of three wild boys.  Enthusiastic breastfeeder.

Tessa Angeledis
Tessa Angelides

Mental health professional with a keen sense of humor and strong creative vision. Three-time breastfeeder.

Lover of flared pants.   

Kate Triantafelow
Kate Triantafelow
Co-Founder & Illustrator

Illustrator & Graphic Designer.

Is a puppy-momma to one rambunctious fur baby. Loves to use her artwork to make people laugh.