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Update: Apple Approves Breastfeeding Sticker Pack

We learned yesterday that Apple APPROVED our app! Apparently the combination of our written appeal and direct communications with Apple helped inspire a change of heart.

We are thrilled to announce that with this approval it appears that we are able to release our app with images of breastfeeding scenarios on our public-facing product page, which is awesome. 

We appreciate Apple's time and attention in reconsidering their original decision on this issue. However, we are cautiously optimistic. Though we suspect that we may continue to face an uphill battle as we submit modified versions of the stickers that were previously rejected, we are also hopeful that this step forward is indicative of a shift in Apple’s thinking. 

We are hoping to release the Tit for Tot breastfeeding sticker pack later this week!

Stay tuned for details and thank you for your support!

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